Frequently Asked Questions

And a few infrequent questions too, just because

6Joe’s is the original draft fantasy game for amateur golfers.

It is an enhancement to the traditional golf game; all golfers participating in a specified event (men’s night, seniors’ day, holiday scramble, club championship, corporate tournament, etc.) are invited to confirm their attendance, and therefore draft eligibility. Then, everyone who has a user account (they don’t even need to be playing in the event!) gets to draft a team of 6 golfers, using a fantasy cash cap of $50,000.

Because golfers are valued based on their handicap, a drafted team of 6 Joes must include golfers of a range of skill levels. All of a sudden, the golfers have a reason to be interested in golfers outside of their skill level, because they’ve drafted them to their 6Joe’s team!

It is the science of selecting a team of real world competitors, and competing against others who have done the same. For example, my drafted team has scored 30 points, but yours has scored 32 points – you win, because of the team you picked.

Golfers of all kinds! It works best when you know, or know of, the people who you are drafting, which makes it ideal for membership based clubs, leagues, or corporate events. For example, I know that John plays exceptionally well in the rain, compared with other people, so even though he has a lower value, he will probably perform above his grade in this afternoon’s game, so I’ll draft him to my team.

Before 6Joe’s, draft fantasy sports only existed for the professional sports world. We adapted it for the amateurs, or the “average Joe”; you draft 6 people to each team… hence 6Joe’s. We like to say, play like a Joe, score like a pro!

Coincidentally, our initial startup funding came from 6 average people. None of them are named Joe, but it’s a nice nod to them.

As soon as eligible draft picks confirm their participation in a game, you can begin. You will see who has been invited to the event, and who has confirmed, so you can begin to strategize even before the entire field has been confirmed. Drafting closes the second that the event begins.

Your club administrator, who sets up the event and games, will decide. Some clubs may charge an entry fee for a tournament that includes 2 drafted teams, and give an awesome prize to the winner. It is totally up to the host how they use the 6Joe’s game.

Yes! Until the first person in the event tees off. Make last minute changes after you see them warm up on the driving range, or check their social media for signs that they might not be on their A game for their 6:00AM tee time.

That’s up to the event host, and how they set up the game. It is absolutely possible to participate when you’re out of town, or taking care of other life responsibilities. Never miss your favourite weekly game with friends when you play 6Joe’s.

If you’re playing, it’s only fair. If you had the worst round of your life while your buddy had been counting on you as a draft pick, but you weren’t on your own team, you might never hear the end of it.

They’ll score zero points for your 6Joe’s team. Everyone who had drafted this Joe will give them an earful, and they’ll never “unexpectedly” miss again.

One person can score for their foursome, or everyone score themselves. It is completely up to you.

No – it’s your valuation that changes based on your skill level. Scratch golfers are more likely to score points in a 6Joe’s game than a 10 handicapper, that’s why they eat up so much of your $50,000 draft budget!

You can check the leaderboard on your mobile device for all of the event statistics. Each time you enter a score, or while waiting for that guy in your foursome to take his 14th practice swing at the tee box, is an opportunity to have a look.

The app is currently in development and we will be launching it as soon as it has been perfected! Right now, you will use 6Joe’s in your web browser while we refine features and options.

When you draft the team of 6 Joes who collectively score the most points.

Bragging rights sound pretty good, but the host will also determine what kinds of prizes they will award for this category. If the host creates a game with an entrance fee, they may choose to distribute the funds back in prizes, based on their own structure, or even use it as a fundraiser.

If your host sets aside a prize division for Highest Individual 6Joe’s points… then, yes!

The host of the game has a licence to use 6Joe’s and can offer either free or paid games. They set the rate for their own events; 6Joe's offers the software for them to organize it. If they host a free event, the golfer, or person drafting a team, doesn’t pay anything to 6Joe’s.

The hosts are independently responsible for setting their own fee structures for all of their tournaments, green fees, and memberships, with or without a 6Joe’s game component. Check with your host! They are probably giving away some great prizes for this event you’re talking about!

None! It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, except not the kind that you have to pay for what you leave on your plate!

Once you’re set up as a host club, you will login to the admin section of the site, and follow the intuitive process of creating an event and uploading your event roster, including email addresses. They will receive an invitation to confirm their participation, and the drafting can then begin! All you need to do then is verify scores at the end, officially closing the event!

We know you’re busy! We’ve created a platform that we have tested and confirmed is very simple to use and takes about five minutes to set up the event, although your first event might take a bit more time as you navigate through the options. The hardest part will be telling golfers that the event is already full!

It won’t affect your typical operations at all, but it will affect their ability to participate in the 6Joe’s game. If they don’t register on time, they might not be drafted! Likewise, if they drop out late, and they’ve been drafted to teams, those team owners are going to give them an earful!

That is completely up to you, as a host. You might decide to increase the price of a tournament registration so that you can add extra prizing to the event. You could also put a price on each drafted team, and use the funds as a fundraiser for club capital expenses, the junior program, or the end of year social.

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